Red Cocktail Dress

Our red cocktails dresses are the perfect match for the self-confident, passionate, and daring woman. If you want to all eyes on you, a red cocktail dress will turn you into a fiery vixen. Cocktail dress styles have changed a lot since they made their debut in the 1940’s, but they have always emphasized sensuality and femininity. Our red cocktail dresses are both classic and seductive. Instead of the “little black dress” or LBD, any of our red cocktail dresses could also be called the little bold dress, because our red dresses are perfect for the bold and electrifying woman. Our knee-length or mini skirt dresses are the ideal length for any body type. This length elongates your legs, making them appear lean and sleek. A tea length dress is made for the tall, statuesque woman. A V-neckline is universally becoming to most body types. The most important choice is the color red you select to enhance your skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, choose a red with a bluish undertone such as burgundy or true red. For warmer complexions, select a red with a yellow or orange undertones such as tomato red or a deep red. Our dresses also come in a wide selection of fabric and embellishments to suit your fashion style.

There are many options to choose from when accessorizing your little red dress, but it’s a sensible rule to choose simple, unobtrusive accessories to add intrigue while keeping you and your dress center stage. For an ultra-sophisticated look, select classic black heels and a clutch purse. Or, for a unique look try these accessories in different shade of red to create contrast while keeping your look monochromatic. A burgundy red is deep enough to mimic the classic black, yet offers an understated flair. In keeping with the classic appeal, you might choose silver and gold jewelry. Choose rings, earrings, or bracelets over a necklace so it won’t compete with this head-turning dress. Lastly, restrict your jewelry selection to one or two small pieces. The same is true for your purse - always choose a small clutch so you and your red cocktail dress remain the focal point. For a night to remember, you will be simply unforgettable as you step into the spotlight in this dramatic stunner.

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  • 5.00
  • BY:L. Smith
  • DATE:Nov 01, 2015

Graceful Sleeveless High-neck Short Lace Gown

So worth it.

What this red cocktail dress attract me most is its keyhole back and ruffled skirt. I was always a fan of this kind of skirt. It is perfect for my homecoming dance. We have got the same dress for the entire team and we together look stunning. I am sure our perfomance would be a hit with this dress. Great job!

  • 5.00
  • BY:Kayla
  • DATE:Oct 09, 2015

Brilliant Strapless Mini Body-Fitting Sweetheart Gown With Ruched Top

It's gorgeous!

I purchased this red cocktail dress for my holidays and my husband fell in love with it. He asked me to wear it again and again. It has beautiful details and the entire dress is tailored to perfection with exact measurements I provided. Bust is specifically beautiful. It hugs my figure to enhance each and every curve. I could not have asked for a better look. It looks quite more expensive than its price would suggest.